Ripples #754: Better!

Ripples #754: Better!
For our tribe of busy people who believe in
unleashing Ripples of compassion & kindness: uRock!
4 Nov 2013


Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.
-Maya Angelou, shared by Jen from Mississauga, Canada


The real winners in life
are the people who look
at every situation
with an expectation
that they can make it work
or make it better.
-Barbara Pletcher, shared by Isaac from Sedona, AZ


If you are facing small or significant challenges right now, I hope you can dig deep to drum up the energy and inspiration to make things BETTER.  Rest when you need to, but as often as possible seek the smallest changes that could have the biggest impact on improving the situation.  Every. Step. Counts.

On the other hand, CONGRATS if everything is going just fine in your world.  Especially if you’ve recently endured some ups and downs, coasting along for a while can feel sooooo good. At some point, though, I dare you to ask yourself: “So, how can I make things even BETTER??”  Listen, dream, ponder, and then take action.  Even the baby steps can transform good to better, and better to awesome.  Are you in?  Please, be in.


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