Ripples #752: Opening Doors.

Ripples #752:  Opening Doors.
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21 Oct 2013


Not knowing when the dawn will come,
I open every door.
-Emily Dickinson, shared by Janice in Cincinnati, OH


For all I am
And still hope to be
You were my guide
You were the key
That opened the door
To the feast of ideas.
-Evelyn Kandel, shared by Kathleen in Oshkosh, WI


If you’re feeling stuck or trapped or limited in any way, let’s make this week about opening doors.  Sample the thing you’ve been afraid of, or attempt something you’ve never tried before.  Whether it becomes a habit or just an experiment, it’s possible you could transform an ordinary day into an adventure.  Knock, Knock… who’s there?

Peace 2u!
The Ripples Guy

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