Ripples #725: Choose to Act!

Ripples #725: Choose to Act!
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April 15, 2013


Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.
-unknown, shared by Ryan in La Crosse, WI


Cinderella may have been given
the dress, the shoes and the ride,
but she was the one who made
the choice to go to the ball.
You are given opportunities every day,
make your choice to do something with them.
-written & submitted by Jennifer M. at Cal Poly SLO, CA


Of course how you feel and what you think about are important pieces of the puzzle, but your actions remain the single most important factor in defining your success in school, work, and life. Sometimes we’re laying around waiting to feel better or think more positively about things when the most useful strategy would be to take action.

Use this week to make conscious choices about which actions will increase your effectiveness and enjoyment of school, work, and life. Choose wisely, and then GO FOR IT!


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