Ripples #696: A Spiritual Journey.

Ripples #696: A Spiritual Journey.
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Whether we realize it or not,
we are always on a spiritual journey;
even when we feel most lost.
-Frank Warren (of the PostSecret Project),
submitted by Karla in Madison


The universe
is always speaking to us…
sending us little messages,
causing coincidences
and serendipities;
reminding us to stop,
to look around,
to believe in
something else,
something more.
-Nancy Thayer, submitted by Stephanie in Akron, OH


Believing in God works for some people, but not everyone.
Faith in a higher power is one form of spiritual direction, but not the only one. I don’t think you have to believe in God in order to have faith that their is something bigger at work in the universe. And I don’t think you have to believe that everything happens for a reason in order to find meaning in things that happen.

If you have found a form of spiritual expression that provides understanding, direction, and support in your life, I hope you can spend some extra time enjoying and possibly deepening that connection. If you have not, I invite you to be curious this week about any unexpected opportunities to connect with people, music, or nature: anything or anyone that could reveal a bigger picture, a different way of looking at the world.


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