Ripples #680: Leave Your Mark!

Ripples #680: Leave Your Mark!
For our tribe of 30,855 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.


You don’t have to live your life
the way other people expect you to.
-Chris Guillebeau, submitted by Mari in Sturgeon Bay, WI


You will not be remembered for your grades.
You will not be remembered for your petty arguments.
You will not be remembered for your
“should haves, could haves, never haves.”
You will be remembered for taking a stand;
for screaming atop the highest height
your passions, loves, memories, and fears.
You will be remembered for actively-
-not aggressively-making a difference.
So leave your mark, for if ever there was a time, now is it.
Quit playing with excuses and realize
there are NO excuses for refusing
to participate in your own life.
-written and submitted by Ryan Kacvinsky in Ashland, WI


The passionate Mr. Kacvinsky (whose submissions have appeared in previous issues of Ripples) states it clearly: it is important, essential even, for you to get out there and leave your mark.

And it isn’t about what you are “supposed” to do; instead, it is about recognizing that the whole world improves each time each of us identifies and fulfills the unique role we have to play. If you have been letting fears and insecurities hold you back, now is the time to take charge and take risks. If you still aren’t sure exactly what contribution you have to give, work extra hard this week to notice which tasks bring you alive, which daydreams rumble with opportunity. And follow your hunches–be especially curious about any chance happenings that may be clues for your quest.


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