Ripples #672: Donuts & Holes.

Ripples #672: Donuts & Holes.
For our tribe of 30,676 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.


As you ramble on through life, brother,
whatever be your goal,
keep your eye upon the donut
and not upon the hole.
-on the wall at “Dippy Donuts” in Omaha, NE;
submitted by Diane in Gilbert, AZ


Decide to be happy today,
to live with what is yours:
your family, your business, your job, your luck.
If you can’t have what you like,
maybe you can like what you have.
Just for today, be kind, cheerful, agreeable,
responsible, caring and understanding.
Be your best, dress your best, talk softly,
look for the bright side of things.
Praise people for what they do and
don’t criticize them for what they cannot do.
If someone does something stupid,
forgive and forget.
After all,
it’s just for one day.
-source unknown, submitted by Karen in Cincinnati, OH


If I asked you to brainstorm a list of things that would help make your life easier, you could probably identify a few pretty quickly: more money, different circumstances, more time with some people you enjoy and perhaps less time with certain other people.

Let’s save that list for another day; instead, I want you to notice the “donuts” in your life…..the people and things and situations that make your life taste good. I challenge you, just for today (or maybe throughout this week?), to ignore the “hole”–the pieces that sometime feel missing–and just savor the goodness in your life.

Your life may be more delicious than you realize!

p.s. Yeah, I know…I’m hungry for donuts now as well. Sorry about that…

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