Ripples #654: Solitude.

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Ripples #654: Solitude.
For our tribe of 29,909 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.

In solitude we give passionate attention
to our lives, to our memories,
to the details around us.
-Virginia Woolf, submitted by Lin in Bloomington, IL


Dear Paul,
Last year, an issue of Ripples
inspired me to “spend time in silence,”
so I took my first solo vacation ever.
I’m proud of myself for spending time alone
with just me, my thoughts and feelings.
I enjoyed having the time to listen
as my heart and soul spoke to me.

I came back a different person;
not dramatically different,
but peaceably different.
I didn’t resolve all my questions
and problems while on the beach,
but I found inspiration,
I found a unique freedom,
and I found that I like me.

I think everyone should take
at least one trip alone!

Happy Holidays, and Happy Living,
-Cindy in Cincinnati, OH
(shared with permission)

I know that the holidays are, for many people, a time to spend with family and friends which can be both delightful and dizzying. I hope you can plan some pockets of solitude to relax and refocus. If things are really crazy, take Cindy’s advice and plan a solo adventure of your own early in the new year!


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