Ripples #645: An Invitation.

Ripples #645: An Invitation.
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Oct 3, 2011


How people treat you is their karma;
how you react is yours.
-Wayne Dyer


Every situation,
if you think about it,
is an invitation for us
to react in a certain way,
but being mindful
gives us the chance
to decide how to RSVP.
-Catherine Price, submitted by Carol in Milwaukee, WI


Some situations, and some people, invite us to be less than who we are;
less than our “full, best self.” And lately it seems that work and school
and life are zooming toward us with unprecedented speed and force. This
makes it too easy to slip into a mindset of “rush-rush-rush, don’t think
about it just react then move on to the next thing.”

When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation with someone who is
making things worse instead of better, gently remember that you have other
options besides treating that person as you think they deserve. Perhaps you
could invite yourself to pause briefly and consider how your best self on
your best day might respond to someone who is not capable of bringing their
best self to the situation at hand. And you don’t have to take the higher
ground because THEY deserve it; you can choose to respond more gracefully
because YOU deserve it.


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