Ripples #560: Drink or Gargle?

Ripples #560: Drink or Gargle?
Monday, Feb 15, 2010
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who believe tiny actions create big possibilities


Are you going to drink from the well of life-or just gargle and spit?
-written and submitted by Patricia Clason, Milwaukee WI



You don’t have to take life the way it comes to you. You can design your
life to come to you the way you want it.
-Dan Zadra, submitted by Kristel, Bellingham WA


Life happens. Good stuff, blechy stuff, and everything in between.
Sometimes things fall into place so sweetly, and sometimes it feels like you
are sitting in front of a box from Ikea: a hundred parts to assemble with no
written instructions.

An optimal life isn’t perfect, and it isn’t always fun. It is, however,
ALWAYS worth it. I hope you can enjoy a thirst-quenching drink of life this
week and let it fill you up.


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