Ripples #918: Doing The Dance!

Ripples #918: Doing The Dance!
Dec 26, 2016


Life can not give me joy and peace,
it is up to me to will it.
Life just gives me time and space,
it is up to me to fill it.
-William James, shared by Ann (Gulf Shores, AL)


I serve. I do the dance I must. I plant trees, but I am not the doer of this work. I am the facilitator, the instrument—I am one part of the symphony. I know there is an overall scheme to this symphony that I cannot understand. In some way, we are each playing our own part. It is not for me to judge or criticize the life or work of another. All I know is that this is my dance. I would plant trees today even if I knew for certain that the world would end tomorrow. -Balbir Matbur Source: Heron Dance interview (Issue 11), shared by Mandy, Columbus, OH


It is natural to seek joy and peace and love during the holidays; I just happen to think that we too often and too easily forget they can be tricky to find while looking for them. Joy and peace are much easier to experience when we are busy cultivating them and giving them away.

What could you do this week to facilitate joy, peace, and love this week? The gifts you’re able to give freely will come back as among the most precious and satisfying gifts you’ll ever receive: a bounty of joy, peace, and love that will replenish even the most weary and broken of hearts.

The Ripples Guy

P.S. Can you believe this is the last Monday of 2016? I’ll be back next year with 52 more splashes of inspiration and I’d be most honored if you renewed your commitment to share a few issues with your friends AND to keep your eye out for powerful quotes to submit for future rippling. Thanks, team!

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