Ripples #886: The Magic of Words!

Ripples #886: The Magic of Words!
May 16, 2016


Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion,
our most inexhaustible source of magic.
-J.K. Rowling, shared by Pablo in Ft. Myers, FL


Your own words are the bricks and mortar
of the dreams you want to realize.
Behind every word flows energy.
-Sonia Choquette, shared by Jennifer at Marian University, WI


Each word we speak matters even if no one else is around to hear it. The words we choose help us identify what we are thinking, encourage us to clarify our feelings, and perhaps most importantly allow us express our intentions which hopefully lead to action. Words are fragrant, and they are potent. (See what I mean?)

When I was in grade school, we explored a series of books to build passion and talent for reading. Each book had a single word title, and to this day those words unleash magic when I encounter them: Serendipity, Kaleidoscope, Diversity. [I recently found a blog post about them:]

Those readers helped me fall in love with words which in turn helped me fall in love with communicating. Forty years later, one of my most sacred tasks is concocting these weekly splashes. The goal of keeping Ripples short enough to be consumed quickly has fueled my passion for seeking the right words to clearly and concisely transmit an idea. When I nail it, words have the power to cast spells, captivating readers and enticing them to pass it on to others.

Make an extra effort this week to increase both awareness of and mindfulness for the words you and those around you are choosing. If there are words you especially enjoy hearing or speaking, make a conscious decision to see what spells you can cast by using them.

The Ripples Guy
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