Ripples #861: Sharing Gratitude!

Ripples #861: Sharing Gratitude!
Nov 23, 2015


If you are truly thankful,
what do you do?
You share.
-W. Clement Stone, shared by Pete in Sedona, AZ


How do you say “thank you” for sunshine or health…
for clear days or gentle rains…
for happiness, joy or love?
You say it by sharing what you have.
You say it by making the world
a better place in which to live.
-Thomas D. Willhite, shared by Diana in Falls Church, VA


Here in the U.S. we will enjoy a short work week as Thanksgiving arrives; depending upon your traditions and choices, Thursday may find you surrounded by family, food, sports, shopping, hunting, celebrations, solitude, or some combination thereof.

On our best days we remember that expectations of how things used to be or are supposed to be can sometimes keep us from enjoying the reality of the way things are; It’s also true that unrealistic imaginings of what we think other people’s lives are like can get in the way of appreciating the life we are living. In other words, the cranberry sauce always appears sweeter on the other side of the street.

Whether you’re traveling or nesting, whether you’re surrounded with socialness or snuggled up solo, I hope you can experience and express gratitude for people, for possessions, for prosperity, and for all the possibilities that surround you. And keep in mind that expressing your appreciation of others fills up our souls faster than mashed potatoes and stuffing can fill up our tummies. Or at least close. 🙂

The Ripples Guy
P.S. Patience. The only thing more essential to a happy holiday than good food and good times: heaps and heaps of patience.

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