Ripples #1271: Following Your Aliveness


But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.
-Gwyn Thomas, shared by Holly in Phoenix, AZ


We’re being turned into a noun,
when the aliveness is in being a verb.
If you love singing, just sing.
You don’t have to become a singer.
You follow the aliveness
and the identity follows over time.
-Mark Nepo, shared by Karen in Oakland, CA


What actions help you remember and follow your Aliveness?
Are there activities that used to be part of your everyday routines that need to be dusted off?
What about the “special treat” adventures that you haven’t queued up lately?
Would a quick scroll through your contacts inspire you to reach out to a few folks who reliably reconnect you with your Aliveness?

I’m guessing your life has some things in common with mine: busy, full, stressful. Adding a few more items to your “I should try to get to this” list might seem like a recipe for overwhelm, but here’s the deal: I’m pretty sure that Following your Aliveness will infuse energy into your spirit, making it easier to tackle the hard stuff while maximizing your capacity to savor the good stuff.

How about we give it a whirl and see what happens? I’m in if you are.


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