Ripples #1265: Leaning Into Learning


Learn everything you can, from everyone you can, everywhere you can.
-Jeff Wilkins, shared by Ethan in Racine, WI


Once we search, we find. Once we see, we cannot un-see. The search, therefore, leads us to the
truth, no matter how beautiful or horrifying those truths may be. What we do with that truth is
up to us.
-Kaitlin B. Curtice, shared by Emma in Mindoro, WI


Since many of our Ripplers are getting ready to return to school for the fall, I thought learning would make a great topic this week, and excited to share with you an exchange I had with “Ethan of Racine” when I followed up to learn more about the quote he sent in that we feature as today’s Pebble. His response (which I edited slightly for length and clarity) is Ponder-worthy for sure:

“Jeff Wilkins is my dad-he’s a high school counselor and has all sorts of ‘counselor-isms’ that were hammered home while I was growing up. Once I actually started listening and took the phrase to heart, I realized how valuable it was. I like going into every conversation or situation thinking about what can I take away: it makes it easier to be engaged and I’ve learned so many fascinating facts and stories about other people and their lived experiences. I like trying to learn about out the complexities of life and also how I can be better. I’m applying to medical schools right now, and this mentality has gotten me a long way–I see some people who do things to ‘check off a box’ just to get to point B, instead of seeing the real point of doing things: to learn about why you want to do what you think you want to do. I’m trying to take away as many tidbits from each experience so I can apply them to my own life. Being open to the world and what other people have to offer has made a huge impact on my life.”

Ethan, I couldn’t have said it better myself so I’ll let you and your dad’s words speak for themselves, along with an extra hat tip to Emma for today’s Boulder and the many other fabulous quote submissions of yours we’ve featured in Ripples over the past few years.

May we all lean a little farther into learning today and every day!

P.S. Three quick follow ups to last week’s Ripples on Holding Space:
A. I apologize to Heather, whose wisdom was featured as last week’s Boulder. I mispelled her last name: It’s Plett not Blett. Whoops!
B. Several readers reminded me about Michael Bungay Stanier’s awesome TED Talk (and free quiz) about How to Tame your Advice Monster. I wish I would have thought to mention this last week, so I’m sneaking it in here!
C. A reader responded to last week’s issue with a quick note and graphic that I adored: “I’m a fixer too, and was struggling to figure out when that’s what my family wanted vs. when they just wanted to be heard. We now have this little homemade poster on a door in our kitchen.” Thanks Nicole!

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