Ripples #1253: Heroic Compassion


Be nice, be someone’s hero.
-Steve Cain (1972-2023)
shared by Craig in Cincinnati, OH


I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.
-Rachel Joy Scott (1981-1999), shared by Mark in Oakdale, Minnesota


In the spirit of Memorial Day, an opportunity for us to recognize the heroic sacrifices of those who died in service to our country, I share these quotes that point us toward action in service to others.

Today’s Pebble popped into my email inbox this spring from a longtime Rippler and Patreon Peep who shared the line that Steve, a recently deceased work colleague, had long used as his Microsoft Teams status message. Another rippler messaged me the very same week with the quote we feature as today’s Boulder, written by a student killed at Columbine, whose last school assignment was an essay on spreading compassion (Her family and friends were inspired to create Rachel’s Challenge in her honor).

I’m certain the world gets better each time a human being stretches their capacity for compassion, whether it is directed outward towards others or inward towards our own struggling spirit.

May these quotes, along with the stories of courage and sacrifice shared during Memorial Day remembrances, inform, instruct, and inspire us all.


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