Ripples #1240: Small Tweaks


Try to make tomorrow a better day than today.
-John Henderson, shared by Bev in St. Paul, MN (who shared this nugget from an interview with the world’s oldest living married couple)


Do you want to change the shape of your life?
Change the shape of your day.
Do you want to change your day?
Change this hour.
Change what you think, feel, and do at this very moment.
A small rudder can steer a large ship.
Small bricks can become magnificent mansions.
Small seeds can become towering sequoias.
Minutes and hours well spent are the building blocks of a life well lived. They can inspire goodness, lift us from the captivity of imperfections, and lead us upward to the redemptive path of forgiveness and sanctification.
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf, shared by Crystal in Iowa


Our first instinct when trying to improve our lives is often daydreaming about big, humongous growth spurts even though lots of research (and common sense) suggests that small, incremental shifts are fare more effective for implementing successful, sustainable changes.

Of course, I’m biased towards the smaller things. After all, I’m the dude who sends out a small email every Monday named “Ripples,” specifically to help us focus on the ongoing impact of even our smallest actions.

But here’s the other part that’s also true: these emails have been rippling out every week for the last 1,240 weeks. That’s over 22 years and counting…that adds up to be kind of a big deal, right?

So let’s keep it extra short and sweet this week: what small tweak could you make today that will likely make tomorrow a little better for you and/or for those around you?

Can you commit to making it happen? Do it!

P.S. Whether you’ve been reading these for a few weeks or a few decades, whether you glance at them sporadically or purposefully read through them every single Monday morning…I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you. #uRock #WeRock

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