Ripples #1237: Keep Walking

Ripples #1237: Keep Walking
Feb 6, 2023


A valley is a mountain waiting to happen. Keep walking through it.
Dr. Tony Evans, shared by Danny in Fulshear, TX


You will get to your destination…
But right now, the walk is everything.
Every step is reminding you how to live.
Every breath is a little guru.
-Jeff Foster, shared by Pam in Pennsylvania via Project Happiness


Most of us are trying to get somewhere
that we aren’t going to reach today.
Whether it’s in work, school, or life…
many of our goals require us to:
Keep Walking.

The dreams we hope to realize
are bigger than what we can accomplish right away.
We’ll inch closer to them if we remember to:
Keep Walking.

We may change our minds about what we want.
This sometimes require a change in direction.
That’s okay.
We’ll be warmed up and better prepared to pivot
if today’s mission is to:
Keep Walking.

We’ll trip sometimes.
Occasionally, we fall.
It’s inevitable.
We may need a beat to rest and recover
so we can stand up, dust ourselves off, and then:
Keep Walking.


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