Ripples #1205: Catching Your Breath


Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.
-Etty Hillesum, shared by Maren in Germany


darling one—
you precious mess—
you exhausted, grieving, hollowed, hallowed, hallelujah of a human—
today, if even for a moment, may you feel:
your own courageous beating heart
your chest rising and falling with breath
which is spirit
which is lifeforce
keeping pulse
marking time
finding space—
regardless of how you are feeling
no matter what you are capable of
or not—
and, just for a moment
may you find rest
a bit of ease, held
in that sacred rhythm
that cannot be
without you
because you, you precious mess,
have breath and heart and lifeforce
pulsing through you, yet.
-rev. anna blaedel, shared by Emma in Lincoln, NE via enfleshed


From the moment today’s Boulder showed up in my email inbox a few months ago, I’ve been transfixed. I’ve read it over and over (and over). At first it resonated because I felt like it had been written just for me. The more I read and pondered it, though, the more I realized just about everyone I’ve connected with lately is experiencing some degree of low energy and/or overwhelm.

I printed out a copy which sat on my desk, and when I spontaneously shared it with the UROCK Patreon Peeps during one of our monthly Zoomy Zooms, it resonated with them, too. I’ve since read it during several presentations, and each time at least one person has asked for a copy so they can continue savoring it.

I’m heading out of town and offline for a bit, in part to rest up for my fall travels and also to more mindfully reflect on the news from the last few days (months, years, etc.) and how it will impact my words and actions this fall. In the meantime, I hope you can ponder these quotes and/or share them with others in your life who might need to catch their breath before jumping back into the ring.

P.S. Don’t worry: you’ll still be able to ripple while I rest–I’ve been on double duty the last several weeks, assembling an extra Ripples each week so you’ll find a fresh splash of inspiration in your in box every Monday morning even while I’m offline.

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