Ripples #1191: Possibilities of Spring


When we sow a seed, we plant a narrative of future possibility.
-Sue Stuart-Smith, shared by Holly in Phoenix, AZ


When we start counting flowers,
we cease counting weeds;
When we start counting blessings,
we cease counting needs;
When we start counting laughter,
we cease counting tears;
When we count happy memories;
we cease counting years.
-Barbara Kunz Loots, shared by Cheryl in Bloomer, WI


My sweetie is into spring. Big time. Soon after our holiday decorations are packed away in the attic, I notice him pouring over seed catalogs and reviewing websites while he plots his planting program for the coming year. He’s even got grow lights set up in the basement, and for the last few weeks he heads downstairs after dinner just to see which seedlings have grown the most and what else has sprouted. (Don’t worry, there’s nothing nefarious going on, unless coneflowers, zinnias, or sunflowers have become a thing you smoke).

By the time the first official day of spring arrives on March 21st, Jamie’s seeds & sprouts shenanigans have allowed him to be celebrating the arrival of spring for several months before it actually gets here. It provides a useful distraction from the blustery days and his early preparation allows for even more outside time when the weather warms enough for the plants to move out into the sunshine.

Now that I think about this, I use a similar strategy for planning vacations and retreats…by the time I actually head out the door for an adventure I’ve been anticipating and creating a positive experience with the daydreaming and researching and planning.

So (or should I say sow????)…what seeds of possibility can you begin planting today that will help you harvest a bounty of future fabulousness?


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