Ripples #1169: The Beauty of Bliisipline


Blissipline is the commitment to experiencing a little or a lot of bliss every day; the practice of expanding one’s capacity for bliss and being open to receive it in any moment.
-Rana Satori Stewart, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


You cannot hold bliss in your fist.
You can hold bliss only in your open hand.
Bliss is just like a breeze:
your fist will miss it.
Your open hand may have
a little dance with it,
a little love affair with it.
-Osho, shared by Isaac in Sedona, AZ


I grinned so wide when Leslie shared the above quote, in part because she has been sharing wondrous words of wisdom as long as we’ve been sending out these weekly splashes and also in part because I instantly fell in love with the quirky, delightful notion of blissipline.

A few years ago, back in Ripples #858, we visited the term bliss, and I defined it as “divine joy, a sacred state of existence accessible just about any time to just about any of us who are willing to passionately embrace ourselves and the world around us.”

Bliss isn’t available on demand; we unfortunately can’t just make happen whenever we want to feel it. Still, there are things we can do increase the likelihood that it can visit:

  • activating our senses to notice the beauty and intrigue that is all around us, waiting to be experienced;
  • building in extra space in our schedule for random encounters and spontaneous adventures;
  • following our instincts when we feel an urge to touch base with an old friend, take an alternate route or sit in a different place than our “usual spot;”
  • inviting bliss to visit and being extra observant and open since she sometimes whispers before she hollers.

I’m prepared to surrender to the beauty of blissipline this week. Wanna join me?

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