Ripples #1081: The Ins & Outs of Love

Ripples #1081: The Ins & Outs of Love
Feb 10, 2020


The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.
-Morrie Schwartz, shared by Holly in Phoenix, AZ


Most of us haven’t been taught that to receive love deeply and transmit it wholeheartedly is a real human possibility, that it can be learned, and that to do so is the key to our deepest well-being, our spiritual life, and our capacity to bring more goodness into this world.
—Lama John Makransky, shared by Isaac in Sedona, AZ


I know some folks roll their eyes at Valentine’s Day, experiencing it as overdone and/or contrived. I get that, I do! Ever since grade school, when the expectation was to give cards and/or treats to everyone in your class, it has always worked for me to welcome February 14th as a celebration of all kinds of love. And I like that both of this week’s quotes remind us that love ideally flows outwardly towards others while also flowing inward towards ourselves.

If you’ve been feeling less than fabulous lately, it might be time for a love-flow assessment. Ask yourself whether you’ve been stingy about expressing your love to other people in your life, or maybe resistant to accepting love from others. You have my permission to skip the hearts and candy stuff while still participating in this season of love: randomly communicate your appreciation to those who you enjoy having in your life, and make an extra effort to notice any gestures of kindness or goodwill that are extended in your direction. This includes love you share with yourself, which involves both giving and receiving!

I’ll wrap up by taking my own advice and sharing that I genuinely and wholeheartedly love assembling these splashes of inspiration each week, and I graciously receive the bounty of love you all ripple my way in the form of quote submissions, notes of acknowledgement, and occasional hugs and high fives when I’m lucky enough to cross paths with you in my travels.

The Ripples Guy
P.S. We whipped up a nifty Love Ripples sticker that we’re making available to people who order Ripples for Reflection this week.

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