Ripples #1069: Risks of Growth

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Ripples #1069: Risks of Growth
Nov 18, 2019


You cannot succeed without the risk of failure,
you cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism, and
you cannot love without the risk of loss.
-Charlie Day, shared by Amanda in Stillwater, OK


Life happens with or without our participation, it just does…we stumble, we fall, we fail; we balance, we rise, we succeed. The greatest thing we can take away from our errors is: next time, we can consciously make the choice to be better, bigger and wiser. We are visions, creations, and manifestations of every single dream, thought and mistake we ever made. Embrace this and thank it all; it is so very powerful.
-Debbie Lynn, shared by Lorene in North Royalton, OH


Something happens whenever we step out into the unknown. Our first reaction is often:
“I’ve never done this,” or
“I’m not used to this,” or possibly even
“I’m not sure what to do next!”

Depending upon our personality and the situation and what all is going on in our lives, we usually experience a blend of fear, uncertainty, frustration, and hopefully at least a twinge of excitement, too. Most growth takes place outside our comfort zone, and most growth requires a combination of trial and error, missteps and right steps, poor performance followed by improved performance.

We don’t have to enjoy every step in the process, but we do have to endure them if we want to grow into the best possible versions of ourselves. So…what might you do this week to embrace (or at least tolerate) the risks of growth?

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