Ripples #1060: Inward Gentleness!

1999-2019: Celebrating 20 Years of Ripples
Ripples #1060: Inward Gentleness!
Sep 16, 2019


Embrace your vulnerability, and accept your imperfections, knowing they represent a small part of your past, but not who you are in the present or who you can be in the future.
-Amit Sood, shared by Donna in Owings, MD


While browsing a museum gift shop, I noticed some small plants on a shelf—miniature plants, about half the size of my palm. A small sign was perched in front of them:

“We’re alive, please be gentle.”

To apply this sign to people might seem like a pretty simple concept, but I wish I could somehow remind people all across the world:
“We’re alive, please be gentle.”

Be gentle with yourself…be patient with yourself as you live and learn and grow. Try not to get frustrated with the pace of whatever journey you’re on…meet yourself where you are. Love yourself, because you are important and worthy of love. And on the days when it feels just a little too dark, remember:
“We’re alive, please be gentle.”
-Brit Barkholtz, shared by Mari at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA
(this is a condensed excerpt from a long and lovely TWLOHA post.)


I generally like to keep Ripples under a minute long for you to read, and since today’s boulder is a little longer than usual I’ll keep the pondering brief:

Growing into the best possible version of ourselves requires a balance of pushing ourselves a bit and also knowing when it is time to back off a bit. Make sure you’re occasionally looking inward so you’ll know when it’s time for gentleness.

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