Ripples #1051: Life’s a Workout!

1999-2019: Celebrating 20 Years of Ripples
Ripples #1051: Life’s a Workout!
July 15, 2019


People aren’t born strong. People grow stronger little by little, encountering difficult situations, learning not to run from them.
-Christina Grimmie, shared by Jack in Aurora, CO


Muscle is created by lifting things that are designed to weigh us down.
When your shoulders are heavy stand up straight and call it exercise.
Life is a gym membership with a really complicated cancellation policy.
-Rudy Francisco, shared by Deborah in San Antonio, TX


A few years ago I was in Phoenix hanging out with some of my NIRSA peeps at a regional conference with the theme of CHANGE. Since they work in the field of campus recreation and wellness, I borrowed some concepts that we normally use when talking about physical fitness and asked attendees to think about their “Change Fitness…”

Flexibility: adapting to changing conditions
Strength: taking action despite resistance
Endurance: persevering through hardship
Balance: remaining steady and upright

If life has been an extra challenging workout because of change, change, change…keep in mind that in addition to being frustrating and exhausting, change can also help you increase your change fitness which will likely make it easier for you to handle future change.

Oh and just like with physical exercise, it’s important to make sure we’re getting enough rest and hydration, and ask for a spotter if you’re dealing with some really heavy stuff. Make sense?

Get ready…get set…CHANGE!

The Ripples Guy
p.s. Remember that I’m offline for a few weeks and won’t be checking emails regularly. I’ll let you know when I’m back online!

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