Ripples #1041: Ugly Little Moments!

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Ripples #1041: Ugly Little Moments!
May 6, 2019


If you get tough enough and stop complaining, your potential to view experiences as enjoyable increases.
-Brendan Leonard
shared by Melissa in Westfield, IN (via REI)


Everything grand is made from a series of ugly little moments. Everything worthwhile by hours of self-doubt and days of drudgery. All the works by people you and I admire sit atop a foundation of failures. So whatever your project, whatever your struggle, whatever your dream, keep toiling.
-Pierce Brown, shared by John in Findlay, OH


It is a fact of life that our day-to-day existence often includes activities that are less fun and less interesting than the most exciting parts of our lives. Once we accept that as part of our reality, it gets easier to see the upside of the “ugly little moments.”

The yucky parts of life can cultivate discipline and tenacity and strength; these in turn help us achieve successes which often lead to lots of prettier, more enjoyable moments. Also, if every moment of every day was filled with stimulating and exciting activities, we’d eventually get overwhelmed by all of it and it would be too much to handle. Perhaps most importantly, the ugly moments can help us savor the more beautiful moments. Whenever I’ve had a couple of blechy days in a row, the next good day feels all the more enjoyable.

This doesn’t mean you have to LIKE the unpleasantness that inevitably appears in a full life. This just gives you the option of seeing their benefits, and recognizing the power that comes from consciously choosing how you experience and respond to them.

The Ripples Guy
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