Ripples #1,006: Working The Right Amount!

Ripples #1,006: Working The Right Amount!
Sep 3, 2018


If you’re tired…learn to rest, not to quit.
-Nishan Panwar
shared by Jessica in Los Angeles, CA


To become the best you, sometimes you need to push yourself. Just don’t push too hard, you don’t want to break what you worked so hard to improve.
-Alexis Mazure
written and shared by Alexis at Central Michigan University


Many of us here in the U.S. are enjoying an extended weekend thanks to Labor Day, an official holiday to recognize “the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country” (from Wikipedia). Unofficially, this marks the end of the summer when some people are diving into another academic year while others prepare to focus on a final burst of productivity before the end of the calendar year.

Labor Day is a great day to ponder the complimentary aspects of work and play. It is important for us to get our work done, of course. It is equally important for us to include enough rest and play so that we can unleash our best work. There is a ton of research that supports them as crucial strategies for maximizing productivity and potential.

Whatever you need more of, I wish you the right combination of happy resting, happy playing, and happy working!

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