Ripples of Hope (eBook)



[This is the free, electronic version of RIPPLES OF HOPE. The printed copy is available here.]

Hope—an often needed but frequently missing element in everyone’s life.

Life can be challenging, and sometimes we all need a little help, and hope, in our lives. Finding inspiration to move forward with meaning and positivity can be elusive when faced with difficulty. But how do you find hope? What can you do to welcome hope into your life? How can you keep hope alive?

Ripples of Hope offers inspirational guidance on the nature of hope. Writer and dynamic speaker, Paul Wesselmann (known to many as The Ripples Guy) offers suggestions on making room for hope, encouraging hope to appear when it’s missing, and sharing hope with others.

With a moving forward by celebrated artist and writer Mary Anne Radmacher, the book has been carefully and creatively designed to provide helpful and hopeful content that is inspiring and not overwhelming.

The digital format is a perfect way to keep hope with you at all times. The downloadable PDF can live on your phone, tablet or desktop so you can access hope when you need it most.

Let a little hope into your life and let your inner hope shine!

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