Hope Share



Ripples of Hope: Wisdom for Navigating Uncertainty¬†is Paul’s new book, a delightful collection of ideas and inspiration for helping people respond to challenges with optimism and determination.

Rather than sell the digital (eBook/PDF) version to raise funds for printing, we decided to GIVE the digital book away (If you haven’t yet, download your copy here, here or here), and then rally a group of Ripplers to pitch in $50 for a “Hope Share,” essentially a pre-order of 5 books.

150 Hope Shares will allow us to get the book in printed form quickly and affordably, AND it will allow us to provide written copies of the book at a reasonable price.

As our partner in publishing, you will receive 5 (signed!) copies of the book as soon as they come in AND you will know that you helped us unleash Ripples of Hope during a really confusing, frustrating, challenging time in history

To sum this all up: purchasing a Hope Share (or two?!) will allow us to:
-easily distribute digital copies of “Ripples of Hope,” quickly impacting thousands of people (and allowing them to pass it on);
-rapidly get the book into printed form; and
-considerably lower the retail price to make the printed book affordable for all.

Are you in?

(As of June 10, we are 95% of the way to our goal!)