Ripples Guy Learning Credits



If you’re joining The Ripples Guy for a Zoomy Zoom or other online presentation, you can pay for it here. Suggested payment depends on your ability to pay and also the perceived value (what you hope to get out of it). Select your payment amount using the plus and minus symbols which will add payment credits to your cart.

Passionate PatronĀ (3 or more units = $45+)
Suggested for those who are willing and able to pitch in a little extra. (I’ll be in touch to send you a thank you treat!)

Classic Learner (2 units = $30)
Suggested for most people with means to pay.

Special Spirit (1 unit = $15)
Suggested for students, educators, retirees, active military, first responders, health care front liners, anyone with limited income and/or otherwise struggling.

If you would like to contribute another amount, you may send money via Venmo, Zelle, or ApplePay (find me via RipplesGuy or 608-246-8765) or (does not require a PayPal account, just a credit or debit card).

If you’re a Mac Safari user and having trouble loading items in the cart, be sure to UNCHECK “block all cookies” in the privacy settings: Preferences > Privacy in MacOS, or in settings > Safari on iOS.