Paul is different than other speakers/trainers because it is immediately evident that he has an incredible amount of energy that is entirely focused on helping his audience.  When Paul was done I knew I had experienced the efforts of someone who really cared and that he genuinely was there to help.

An Incredible Amount of Energy Bill Gosse, American Medical Security

Paul has an unique ability to connect with students in a way I haven't ever seen before.  To hold a room of nearly 1000 college students silent and at the edge of their seats, and to evoke such profound emotions in them is amazing.

An Unique Ability to Connect with Students Ann Groves Lloyd, Student Alumni Association/Student Foundation Network

Paul is very energetic and his message is very powerful.  He really cares about the audience and whether or not you "get" what he is saying.  His attitude is totally positive.

His Message is Very Powerful Amy Campbell, West Bend Mutual Insurance

My personal and professional activity level has significantly increased as a result of being fortunate enough to be a member of Paul's audience, I was familiar with many of the concepts Paul presented.  The difference, however, is that after I attended Paul's presentation I began to apply the information in both my personal and professional life.  What a difference!  I now have significantly more self-confidence and motivation than ever before!  I am rapidly moving forward with my professional and personal goals.  I know it's because Paul's presentation was in a style that moved me from merely thinking about making changes to actively making the changes!

What a Difference! Pam Hauke, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin

Paul is a very warm and energetic speaker who connects to everyone in the audience by offering practical, applicable content.   He has fun, so the audience has fun too.

Paul is Very Warm and Energetic Lynn Johnson, meeting planner, AccessPoint, Inc.

Paul is upbeat, energetic and completely motivational.  He gets the crowd involved and you can tell he truly believes in what he does!

Upbeat, Energetic and Completely Motivational Stacy Mara,  Marshfield Area United Way

Paul's style is positive and refreshing - he is able to create a warm, personal atmosphere even in large groups.  Most keynote presenters are performers.  Audiences hear a motivational message, feel good for a few hours, and then forget  what they heard.  While Paul is witty and entertaining, he also uses interactive training techniques to create an experience for participants.  They leave with solid take-aways that support real performance change.  It's been nearly two years since I participated in my first Stone Soup Seminar, and I still use the techniques I learned there.  Paul's Networking handout has been taped to my computer screen for the last year - I use it every day to remind me how to keep my professional relationships strong and productive.

Paul's Style is Positive and Refreshing Marge Anderson, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Paul does not speak at you, instead he brings the audience into the presentation so they can personally relate to what is being said.

He Brings the Audience Into the Presentation Marcia Meyer, Association of Information Technology Professionals

I think the greatest thing Paul did for us was to create a sense of tradition, a kind of connection with our institutions and our students. Student who saw him as freshmen came to know him even better when they became RAs and orientation leaders and did training with him.  We utilized Paul's talents in many ways!

We Utilized Paul's Talents in Many Ways! Melissa Abramowitz, UW-River Falls

Paul is very enthusiastic about his presentations! This enthusiasm is transferred to the audience. I have seen him get even half-asleep students involved and participating in a workshop after only a few minutes. It is impossible to NOT get excited about the topic when Paul is the presenter!

It is Impossible to NOT Get Excited Cathie Marty, MATC

Paul has what seems to be a never ending energy.  He really takes the time to personalize your presentation for your specific needs.  He is able to quickly form lasting connections with the students.  A unique and key ingredient to Paul's seminars actually takes place after the seminar ends.  Paul takes the time to talk with people one on one on in an informal setting.

Never Ending Energy Charlene Gaus, Dickinson College

Paul's presentation is different from many other presenters.  His style and personality invites a discussion and presentation that is interactive, informative, fun and challenging.  Participants will be captivated in discussion and thought provoking questions throughout the time spent with Paul.  Clearly, Paul creates a program that will best meet the needs of the audience.  His care is shown throughout his presentation.  He makes you think, question, and want to take action.

His Style and Personality Invites a Discussion Jason Schreiber, Cornell College

Paul is willing to individually work with your group/organization and design what you really need to accomplish.  It was wonderful to be able to ask Paul to tackle certain issues and have our expectations met!

Tackle Certain Issues Mary Jo Otto, Carroll College

Paul does a wonderful job of blending an entertaining presenting style with solid content.  He provides good information to his audience in an environment conducive to active participation and listening.

Entertaining Presenting Style with Solid Content Tom Fojtik, UW-Oshkosh

I have seen lots of really good professional presenters, but none of them have been able to challenge students to examine themselves and their issues in the supportive, positive, motivating way that Paul has.  He is a very special person, with a special gift for and commitment to working with college students.

Commitment to Working with College Students Tom Mottola, Gettysburg College

Paul took the time to get to know us and the needs and background of our community!  His presentations were well suited to our EXACT audience - and he made a difference!!

Took the Time to Get to Know Us Lucia Patritto, UW-Extension, Hurley, Wisconsin

Think of a lively, energetic, positive person that you know and then multiply that person by ten.  You might have someone close to Paul's energy and style. And Paul truly cares about his audience; he goes out of his way to interact with participants even outside of scheduled events.

Lively, Energetic, Positive Person Melanie Drake, Cornell College

If you are looking for someone to touch your heart as well as your mind; someone who inspires and involves the audience; someone who challenges and celebrates change; show will leave not only you, but your entire campus, talking about the messages he shares:  Bring Paul Wesselmann to your organization and you will know what I am talking about.  Paul has spoken to groups of all sizes and at our institution over the past 7 years and each and every time participants clamor for “More Paul!”  He is one of the most inspirational and hands-on presenters I have had the privilege of hearing in my 10 years in higher education.

Participants Clamor for “More Paul!” Bridget Kesner, Alverno College

Paul's energy and enthusiasm for his topics shine through during his presentation.  Attendees learn a lot and have a lot of fun, too!

Attendees Learn a lot and Have a lot of Fun Kara Kane, Center for Academic Excellence

Paul possesses enlightening energy, humor and passion for what he does.

Enlightening Energy, Humor and Passion Eric Tammes, Association of College Unions-International

Paul is different than other speakers/trainers that I've experienced because of his sheer exuberance and passion for the subject matter and for helping his audience learn about themselves, how to strengthen their skills, and how to communicate, respect and interact with others more successfully!  I have crystal clear memories of a wellness presentation that Paul gave almost 10 years ago.  Paul was an inspirational speaker, and he empowered me to make positive, fulfilling changes in my life.  I sought his expertise because I knew that he would effectively challenge and inspire the students at Arizona State University to actively pursue leadership opportunities and to expand their self-awareness.  Paul is a fantastic motivational speaker who leaves a long-lasting impression with his audiences!

Fantastic Motivational Speaker Kimberly A. Rovansek, Arizona State University

I love Paul's presentations because of the great interaction among participants.  Finally, a presentation where I get to talk and not just listen.

Our Staff is Still “Celebrating” Chris Meyers, Franklin & Marshall College

I love Paul's presentations because of the great interaction among participants.  Finally, a presentation where I get to talk and not just listen.

Great Interaction Among Participants Shelley Anderson, teacher, Stoughton Public Schools

Paul's style is absolutely captivating!  He catches your mind and keeps you interested and focused from beginning to end!  His presentations come from the heart and he has an amazing gift of making you see the things in your life in a whole new perspective.  He is the most incredible speaker I have ever listened to and I for one will never forget the impact he has had on my life!

Keeps You Interested and Focused Shannon Vairo, MTU

Paul presents with passion, focus, warmth AND a tremendous amount of energy and commitment.  When Paul is presenting, he steps into the audience as if he is stepping into your living room and having a one-on-one discussion with him.  He is simply captivating.

Passion, Focus, Warmth AND a Tremendous Amount of Energy Janet Sperstad, Monsanto

Paul brings his heart to his work of encouraging his seminar participants to take the risk of being human at work.

Paul Brings His Heart to His Work Peter Green, Lucent Technologies

By far, the most powerful and influential speaker we've had the privilege of hearing in our 50 years as an organization!!

Powerful & Influential Steven J. Thompson, CEO Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association

Paul was such a breath of fresh air-- he infused our event with energy, insight and compassion!

Energy, Insight, Compassion Christine Lewis, Executive Director Recovery International

Paul was able to individually connect with each and every participant at our diverse leadership conference.  The students loved him, and we loved working with him!

Individual Connection Susie Mahoney, EdD University of Cincinnati