eRipples v4.29: Ripples of PAINT!


Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.
-Danny Kaye, submitted by Juliann H.


You are the only person alive
who has sole custody of your life.
Your particular life.
Your entire life.

Not just your life at the desk,
or your life on the bus,
or in the car,
or at the computer.

Not just the life of your mind,
but the life of your heart.
Not just your bank account,
but your soul.
-Ann Quinalin, submitted by Virginia M., Lincoln, NE


Have you been splashing paint on the great big canvas of your life?
Have you been putting your soul to good use? I dare you to decorate
your soul with wild colors this week: chat with an interesting
co-worker you do not really know, wear something outrageous, send
yourself flowers, re-connect with a childhood friend. One of these
actions could ensure your life becomes a masterpiece!


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