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People often find themselves achieving victories that have come at
the expense of things they suddenly realize were valuable to them.
People from every walk of life often struggle to achieve a higher
income, more recognition, or professional competence, only to find
that their drive blinded them to the things that really mattered.
-Stephen Covey, submitted by Colleen Matthews


Think about it: memories of the sandbox for most of us evoke
positive memories of warm sunny days, shoveling, sifting and watering
our land of sand. We tasted the stuff, threw the stuff, had it in
our hair, eyes, and every other conceivable place on our bodies.
Many of us learned to share in the sandbox. By sharing our tools and
toys we were able to build bigger and better towns and castles.
Sharing expanded our fun and experience.

Somewhere the idea of sharing lost its appeal and the motto “the
person with the most toys wins” took over. Those who were in the
sandbox just to win hurt the feelings of others that were committed
to the bigger goal. Our fun was diminished by these selfish souls
who refused to share.
-written and submitted by Bridget Kesner


The last stop on my “exhilarating yet exhausting” round of travels
was a day with the Wisconsin Chapter of Meeting Professionals
International. We spent some time discussing our ever expanding pile
of what we WANT. The supreme irony: if you want to get MORE out of
life, the best thing you can do is realize what you already HAVE and
then GIVE SOME AWAY! Focusing on the good stuff you already possess
shrinks the urgency to acquire more, and giving some of it away makes
room for more to enter your life. And life in the sandbox is much
more fun when everyone is sharing their toys!

Take some time this week to realize what you ALREADY HAVE, and then
give some away!

Paul Wesselmann

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