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version 3.02 [Monday, January 08, 2001]


What can anyone give you greater than now?
-William Stafford, submitted by Jodi Cohen


And I learned what is obvious to a child:

That life is simply
a collection of little lives,
each lived one day at a time.

That each day should be spent
finding beauty in
flowers and
poetry and
talking to animals.

That a day spent with
dreaming and
sunsets and
refreshing breezes
cannot be bettered.
-Nicholas Sparks, submitted by Elizabeth Russell


I had the immense pleasure of joining the residence life folks at the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln on their winter retreat last week.
One of topics we explored was the habit of always looking ahead to
the next thing instead of enjoying the here and now. We find
ourselves saying “as soon as” I’m done with this step, then I’ll be
able to stop and enjoy life. As soon as I finish school, as soon as
I buy a bigger car, as soon as we pay off the credit cards, as soon
as Friday gets here, etc.

What if we could just pause and smile and just for one minute, say hello to

Try it!


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