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version 2.31 [Monday, July 31, 2000]


Two men look out through the same bars;
one sees mud, and one the stars.
-original source: Frederick Langbridge, submitted by Andrea


Three people were at work on a construction site.
All three were doing the same job,
but when asked what his job was, the answers varied:
“Breaking rocks,” the first replied
“Earning my living” the second said.
“Helping build a cathedral,” the third responded.
-original source: Peter Schultz, submitted by Lucia Patritto


I had a wonderful treat when I visited my good friends in Minnesota this
weekend. In honor of favorite son Charles Schulz, the creator of
“Peanuts,” the city of St. Paul commissioned 89 Snoopy statuettes and
invited artists to decorate them.

It was fascinating to drive around the neighborhoods and business districts
and enjoy the many titles and interpretations that evolved from the same
basic fiberglass structure. “Comic Relief” had hundreds of comic strips
pasted over the figurine, “Love Snoopy” was covered in hearts, while “Joy
to the World” included Snoopy holding a string of figures representing
people from around the world. My personal favorite, “Snoopy-Reflecting Us
All” used hundreds of mirror chips to create a dazzling “glitter dog.”

It was gazing into this statue that I recognized the immense power of
perspective. The spirit of Snoopy had a distinctive impact on all these
artists, compounded by the fact that each of these interpretations was
received differently by the thousands of locals and guests who are visiting
the display this summer. Same lovable dog, a zillion different reactions.

I hope you can spend a minute this week considering the immense power of
your perspective.

p.s. Long Live Snoopy!

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