eRipples v2.18: Ripples of WISDOM

eRipples: version 2.18 [Monday, May 1, 2000]


Silences make the real conversations between friends.
Not the saying, but the never needing to say is what counts.
original source: Margaret Lee Runbeck
submitted by: Erin Art


Yoda’s Jedi Wisdom*
1. Let go of your anger.
2. Let the Force flow through you.
3. Don’t center on your anxiety.
4. Do or do not. There is no try.
5. Let go your conscious self. Act on instinct.
6. Keep your concentration on the here and now.
7. Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.
8. Don’t give in to hate.
9. Beware the Dark Side. Once you start down the dark path, forever
will it dominate your destiny.
10. Judge me not by my size.
*Taken from a pizza hut place mat summer 1999
submitted by Gordon Nesbitt


I returned today from a few days in the middle of Nowhere (go to nowhere,
turn left and travel 2 more miles!) with a bunch of long-time eRipples
subscribers and a few new ones as well. The purpose of the retreat was to
help a staff of 80 form a cohesive work team. The primary goal was to have
fun! We scheduled a few structured sessions to facilitate some discussions
and individual thinking, but mostly we played: we told stories, we created
skits, we ate lots of chocolate, and we walked along narrow paths through a
dense forest to find a distinctive waterfall. We talked, and we listened.
In the end, what mattered most is that we played.

Is there someone you want to be closer with? Whether it is a co-worker, a
family member, or a friend, may I suggest spending some time simply
playing? And if you want to make it extra special, spend the time in the
middle of Nowhere.

If you don’t believe me, I have 80 good friends who will back me up.

Peace to you,

©2000 The Ripples Project

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