Client Resources

This page contains several pieces of information to help you prepare for a phenomenal event! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything else!

Ideal Audio-Visual Technical Setup

Providing the best possible AV equipment helps us create the best
possible environment for participants to get the most out of my time with them.
Please share this document with your AV team well in advance of the event. They
can text/call with questions: 513-402-2342.

Projector / Large Screen
If possible, the projector and screen should be positioned in a way that I am
able to move around the speaking area without blocking the image projected onto
the screen. Using an extra bright projector and the largest possible screen
will maximize the impact of these visuals.

Quality Sound System
For microphone and an extra line to speaking area with 1/8” jack for audio/video
playback on my laptop

Laptop Computer (I’ll provide!)
I will bring my Apple MacBook Pro and I will need it in speaking area, pretty
VIDEO line to speaking area (I’ll bring VGA & HDMI adapters for my Mac)
AUDIO line to speaking area with 1/8” jack to plug into laptop

Wireless Lapel Microphone
I travel with a Countryman E6 “Over the Ear” microphone that is compatible with
Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio Technica wireless microphone packs. I can also
bring my Shure PBX Wireless transmitter/receiver if that would be helpful.

Room Layout
I am happy to be flexible based on how the room will be used before/after my
portion of event. Sunray (see below) is ideal for retreats, workshops,
If using theater style seating, deep rows are preferred if possible

Speaker Photographs

You can click on any of these thumbnails to access high-resolution photos that are suitable for printing. Right mouse click and “save as” the photo you wish to use.


I’m happy to whip up a brief bio that is customized for your group, please contact me.

Paul Wesselmann holds degrees in psychology and higher education, is the author of two books, and has spent two decades delivering upbeat and meaningful professional staff development trainings and keynote sessions for campuses, conferences, and workplaces throughout North America. Over 30,000 readers subscribe to his weekly RIPPLES emails, and thousands more follow @RipplesGuy on social media.


Our speaker today joins us from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is known as “THE RIPPLES GUY” to over 30,000 people who subscribe to his weekly RIPPLES emails, and the thousands more who follow him on social media.

Paul Wesselmann holds degrees in psychology and education, is the author of two books, and has spent the last two decades firing up hundreds of schools, conferences, and other organizations around North America, helping students and educators more consistently bring their best selves to school, work, and life.

Please help me welcome, Paul Wesselmann.

(please notify Paul in advance of any changes you make to this introduction).