Ripples #847: Transforming Troubles!

Ripples #847: Transforming Troubles!
Aug 17, 2015


We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but the grace to transform them.
-Simone Weil, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


It is up to us to find the joy that dissolves the desperate moment, that changes the burden of life to the passion. Find the gift that brings that joy in your life and nurture it and guard it and grow it. And when you can, find the gift in others and urge them toward it. -David Smith, shared by Debbie in Vista, CA


We sometimes fantasize about a life without difficulties in a world without any problems at all. And while I think it can be fun to daydream about such a life, it’s useful to keep in mind that challenges are less problematic when we view them not as obstacles to make life harder, but instead as opportunities to help us grow stronger.

So often when tragedies strike, survivors comment on the unexpected and generous support that pours in. And it isn’t uncommon for an unwelcome personal setback to eventually look like a growth-inducing opportunity once we get through it and beyond it. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t ever lament our woes or ask for help, because sometimes it feels good to vent our exasperation, and part of courageous living includes asking for assistance when needed.

If you have some troubles you’re struggling with this week, see if you can transform how you look at them. Changing your perspective won’t evaporate every challenge, but hopefully will make them easier to embrace, or tackle, or vanquish, or whatever needs to be done!

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