Ripples #841: Living In Community!

Ripples #841: Living In Community!
July 6, 2015


Community is not just where you live,
it’s how you live with other people.
-Tommy Rueff, Happen INC.
seen on a 4th of July Parade Float in Northside community, Cincinnati, OH


Don’t overlook the significance of your smallest opportunities for civilized behavior throughout each day. The future has no bigger moments than we experience right now. The world changes for the better with every act of kindness, and for the worse with every act of cruelty. The future is nothing grander than the very next moment, and it arrives solely from the present.
-Bo Lozoff, shared by Brett in Madison, WI


There are some really BIG challenges facing us in this world: climate change, global economics, religious and political conflicts, poverty, etc. These can tempt us to throw our hands in the air and give up because, well, “What can I do?”

A lot, it turns out. Our most significant challenges are borne out of countless smaller actions that combine into bigger consequences. And every single time you’re able to extend compassion, kindness, patience, and/or support to those around you in need, you create tiny solutions that can merge into solid reasons for hope.

This week as you move through the communities in which you work, live, and play, keep an eye out for examples of individuals and groups who are making things better. Perhaps you can take a moment to thank them, or maybe even let their example inspire you to take some specific actions to be part of things getting better.

The Ripples Guy
P.S. I received significantly more feedback last week than usual; most people enjoyed the issue and some folks had concerns. I’ll continue to ask patience from all parties as our society continues a relatively rapid culture shift, and gently remind us all that change is a process that includes stages similar to grief. Some of the indignation, frustration, and devastation you’re observing may be expressions of denial, anger, and sadness that, once acknowledged, might help individuals and organizations move towards acceptance if not approval. Namaste

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