Ripples #806: Trust Your Power!

Ripples #806: Trust Your Power!


The most common way people give up their power
is by thinking they don’t have any.
-Alice Walker, shared by Sara in Alexandria, VA


A bird sitting on a tree
is never afraid of the branch breaking,
because her trust is not in the branch
but in her own wings.
Always believe in yourself.
-unknown, shared by Taylor in Minneapolis, MN


Many people think about POWER in terms of influencing or controlling other people, and forget that it is mostly just about getting stuff done. And while there are real external obstacles that can sometimes keep us from doing what we want, there are plenty of situations where we inadvertently diminish our personal potential simply by ignoring or avoiding the power we have to make decisions and act in ways that lift us up.

If you’ve been frustrated recently by situations where you felt held back or denied, perhaps you can move forward this week by focusing instead on a choice that you DO have, an action you CAN take that will help you enhance your effectiveness and/or enjoyment. TRUSTING YOUR POWER is really about your confidence that you can get stuff done despite inevitable obstacles and setbacks. You go, friend. YOU GO!

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