Ripples #790: Restoring the Broken.

Ripples #790: Restoring the Broken.
A splash of inspiration
from The Ripples Guy
14 July 2014


What do we live for,
if it is not to make life
less difficult for each other?
-George Eliot


Your job is not to judge.
Your job is not to figure out
if someone deserves something.
Your job is to lift the fallen,
to restore the broken,
and to heal the hurting.
-The Essence of life, shared by Jeremy Haddon in Mossman, Queensland (Australia)


I don’t believe that we have an *obligation* to help every single person we encounter.
I do believe that there is an *opportunity* to help every single person we encounter.
Every. Single. Person.

The lost ones, the frustrated ones, the nice ones and the mean ones. And the magnificent secret that I hesitate to share with you because we took a solemn oath at the last meeting of the “Benevolent Order of Those Who Strive To Be As Nice As Possible to Everyone We Encounter”: the person who benefits the most from all the helping is often YOU! Serving others feels great; it reminds us to be grateful for blessings that we take for granted, and as a bonus it replenishes our “karma credit card” so we can be in great shape to receive help from others just when we need it most.

Just remember that helping works best when it emanates not from a sense of duty or obligation, but instead from a source of joyous opportunity. So keep your eyes and ears open for a friend or colleague or stranger who needs you.

((( The Ripples Guy )))

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