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The Ripples Story

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Paul who lived in Wisconsin.

His passion was helping others get excited about work and school and life; he made his living by creating presentations that challenged people to explore their potential.

In 1999, Paul began sending out an inspirational email on Monday mornings that would help people remember the gigantic potential of tiny actions.

As more and more people began finding out about the newsletter, hundreds and then thousands of people asked to receive the Monday morning Ripples. Even more ripply, they began submitting inspirational quotes so that instead of coming from Paul, the newsletter became a community of Ripply people!

Over 20,000 people are now a part of The Ripples Project, including people from all over the U.S. and even a few spots around the world! There are high school and college students as well as retirees and folks from just about every walk of life: nurses, salespeople, college administrators, teachers, social workers, and managers and employees in industries ranging from financial services to food service! Eventually, we got so big that Paul and some others built this website to help encourage even more Ripples.

For a while we had an online store and a couple of cool gals who helped manage The Ripples Project (Leslie & Marijane remained active quote submitters and readers even after they moved on to other things!). A few members did order ripply treats, but it turned out to be more energy, time and passion so we decided to just focus on the weekly newsletter and the online community.

Many of our members may have learned about The Ripples Project at one of Paul’s presentations, but he sincerely hopes to stay out of this spotlight so people can pay attention to The Ripples Project and their own ripples!

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